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Please note that a discount is applied depending on the number of "modules" you buy. A "module" is one event day or one event element, for example the Monday Opening Plenary or the Welcome Dinner on Monday Evening. Buying both modules results in a discount of 10 per cent - buying a third module results in a discount of 15 per cent. Buying five modules results in a maximum discount of 25 per cent.

Please note that tickets for the side program BIM at it's Best (Tuesday and Wednesday) are not valid for participating at Working Group Meetings of buildingSMART International Standards Summit. No discount will be applied to tickets for the International Supporting Programme BIM at its Best on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you notice any problems when booking, please use this direct link to our ticketing service provider.

Ticket Prize Information

One single "module" costs between 150 EUR and 250 EUR (non-members), the ticket prize is calculated by the number of modules and possible rebates as described above.

Exampel: You are not a Member of buildingSMART and you would like to come to the Closing-Plenary of the International Standards Summit on Thursday, 27 March 2019, to the Dinner Reception the same day and to the User Day on Friday. The respective module prizes are: 150 EUR + 180 EUR + 250 EUR, deducted by a 15 per cent rebate (for three booked modules) results an overall ticket prize of 493 EUR. 

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